Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tissue Flowers - Yellow and Orange!


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Making tissue flowers is still one of our most searched projects! Whether it's for a birthday, shower, wedding or other special occasion, tissue flowers make a perfect decoration or giftwrapping accent. Easy and inexpensive to make, tissue flowers can be made in virtually in colour and any size.

This photo was taken back in August when we had the tissue flower display in our tree at the front of the Store. We still get customers coming in asking to see the samples! So, here's tutorial on how to make large tissue flowers-

Start with tissue paper sheets that you can cut into a rectangle of any size. We took a full sheet (20" x 30") and cut in half to make a 15" x 20" sheet.

Stack 8 sheets of tissue or more if you would like even fuller flowers. You can make the flowers all one color, alternate 2 co-ordinating colours or make them in a rainbow of colours! We chose to make this flower with the orange and yellow tissue, alternating.

Then accordian fold your tissue paper sheets working from the longest sides. Use a ruler or bone folder to crease the 1" folds.

Cinch your folded tissue paper sheets in the center using a length of tinsel cord to tie. You can also use a 1 yard length of satin ribbon to tie if you wish to hang your blooms from a tree or ceiling.

Now gently pull each piece of tissue paper towards the top center of the bloom to make a full circle tissue flower. And there you have your beautiful tissue flowers!

All the tissue paper and ribbon shown in this project are available at Essential Packaging.

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