Monday, May 31, 2010

More Cupcake Wrappers!

We've had an overwhelming response to our cupcake wrappers at the Store! Everyone just loves these cute cupcake accessories!

The two samples above are in the Envelopments pattern, Mehndi, in the new pink and blue colours. These would be ideal for a baby shower!

These next samples are in the hugely popular new Envelopments pattern, Brocade. The black and white version has also been one of the most chosen patterns for wedding invites. By using the same paper for both invites and cupcake wrappers, you can easily co-ordinate the various components of your wedding.

I really like this new pattern, Bloom, as it's just kinda happy and fun! Would be cute for a summer celebration or backyard event.

Hope these photos have inspired you to add cupcakes (and wrappers!) to your next special event!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Wedding Wednesdays - Cupcake Wrappers!

Yes, cupcakes are still VERY popular, especially when it comes to weddings. So, if you're thinking about having cupcakes at your next special event, think about taking them to the next level with a custom CUPCAKE WRAPPER!

Our custom Cupcake Wrappers are cut from Envelopments cardstock so they can be colour co-ordinated to your wedding or special event. They are packaged flat, ready for you to assemble.

Simply insert the tab into the slot and you're done! The scalloped edge adds a nice touch to the Cupcake wrappers...

... or you can enhance them by using a hole punch to add a small hole to each scallop for a unique look.

With blings still so popular, why not add some to your Cupcake Wrappers, too! This would look wonderful for a bridal shower or even a "princess" party.

For a more elegant look, select a patterned Envelopments cardstock instead of just a solid colour. In this sample we used the Plumes pattern, one of our most popular patterns. This is a great way to coordinate with your invites, menus and placecards.

For more information about custom Cupcake wrappers, please contact the Store for a quote.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Wedding Wednesdays - Bling, bling, bling!

Bling, bling, bling... it's everywhere and on everything, especially when it comes to things wedding! We just can't get enough of that "sparkle" for that special day. And I say, why not? Can you really have too much sparkle? I think not!

So, I've compiled a sampling of ways you can add that little bit o' bling for your wedding...

Add them to your invites - the invitation sets the tone for the upcoming wedding. Guests will see the invite before anything else so give them a little taste of what's to come. A bling on the front or top of your invite, with a luxurious satin ribbon, is definately elegant.

Add them to your attendant gifts or invite presentation boxes- these larger blings look amazing on jewelery and presentation boxes. The wider satin ribbon adds to the dramatic look.

Add them to your favours- a plain solid coloured favour box can look incredible when dressed up with a bling on an elegant satin or sheer ribbon. Gorgeous!

Add them to your table decor- nothing says glamour like a little bling on your placecard!

Well, I hope this has sparked some ideas on how you can add some bling to your wedding day. We have many other samples at the Store, so if you're in the area, drop by and have a look!