Saturday, October 2, 2010

Cupcake Packaging - Autumn Elegance!


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Yes, cupcakes are still the hottest thing around! And yes, we carry A LOT of cupcake packaging! But one thing we do get asked often is how to dress up those plain white boxes. So, we thought we'd show you some wrapping ideas for the fall season.

For this grouping we chose one of our newest ribbons, Wired ReVogue in chocolate brown (of course!); it's so great to work with since it is wired and it comes in a wide variety of colors.

Here is our single cupcake box with the window so you can see the yummy cupcake inside! And yes, they WERE yummy cupcakes! This single cupcake box would make a fantastic fall wedding or baby shower favor.

In this photo, we stacked the single cupcake and four cupcake boxes on top of each other - this is a nice way to present multiple boxes. By making the ribbon decor on the front of the cupcake boxes, you can easily open the boxes without disturbing the presentation.

This is the front of the four cupcake box with inserts. For this ribbon treatment, we added the white polka dot ribbon over top the ReVogue ribbon, which helps to tie in the white of the boxes.

Six yummy cupcakes just waiting to be eaten...I mean, given as a gift...!

The corner to corner ribbon treatment on the six cupcake box is very elegant; it still allows you to see in the box as well.


  1. Very nice fall looking presentation. And the cupcakes look good....too.

  2. Yes, we do carry the 12 and 24 mini cupcake inserts for the boxes. Below is the link for them on our website-

    Thanks for the comment!

  3. I love the idea of these, but I haven't got around to buying them as whenever I'm in the store looking at them the display to figure out which box goes with which insert never seems clear. I've looked at them 3 or 4 times and every time I've wanted to buy a few to try out but it's seemed like work trying to figure out what goes with what. I would love it if your in store displays made it a little clearer which boxes went with which inserts. Possibly even packaged them together as a set to make it extra easy to pick up a few. I love your store and I love shopping there, but I find this display overwhelming since everything is white and is stacked up on shelves.

  4. Thanks for the comment, Evelyn! We always appreciate input from our customers, especially if it's something that we can improve upon. I have to agree with you about the cupcake boxes and inserts - it can be a bit challenging to match them up. The area that these boxes are in will be changing in the weeks to come to make room for all the new stock coming in. I will make sure that we take your comments into consideration when we plan out the new area. Thanks again for your input!

    Anna @ the Store