Thursday, September 16, 2010

Wrapped Edible Gifts!


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This fall, when you're visiting family and friends, remember to take along a little gift for your hosts. Since beautifully wrapped edible gifts are always a great idea, we wanted to share a few ideas with you-
We took our mini pumpkin raisin loaves (see below) and wrapped them 3 different ways: in patterned cellophane bag, in a brown gift box and in patterned cellophane wrap and all tied up with Wraphia ribbon. All 3 ways are quick, easy and make a wonderful presentation.

The cellophane bags are the absolute easiest way to package up your loaves - just put them in and tie them up! It doesn't get much easier than that!

For something a little fancier, try using a giftbox. The box we used in this photo is our #73 size (7" long x 4" wide x 3" tall). We then used some autumn coloured Wraphia ribbon to accent the top of the box.

Inside, we lined the giftbox with parchment paper to prevent any greasy butter marks on the box.

We chose this recipe for pumpkin raisin loaf from Canadian Living and from first hand experience, it's terrific! Though tasty as per the recipe, we added some walnuts for extra flavor. We also made our's a s mini loaves instead of regular sized ones.

Three little loaves fit snugly into the giftbox. Remember that all the loaves should be completely cooled before packaging them up.

For our last wrapping idea, we decided to wrap the mini loaf in patterned cellophane wrap. Cut a piece of cellophane wrap about 16" wide and about 18" long. Place the loaf in the middle of your piece of cellophane wrap, along the 16" length; the end of cellophane should be at the bottom of the loaf.

Gently wrap the loaf in the cellophane wrap; the length of cellophane should wrap around your loaf twice.

You should finish wrapping the loaf with the end of the cellophane being on the bottom of the loaf.

Now, you're ready for the ribbon!

We used Wraphia ribbon (available in a wide variety of colours) for tying our loaves; use a complimentary colour of ribbon to your patterned cellophane wrap.

Tie your ribbon on both sides of your loaf, either in a double knot or in a simple shoelace bow such as we did.

And you're all done!
So, next time you need a host gift or a thank-you gift, think about wrapping up something tasty!

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  1. I haven't had my breakfast yet you guys. Jeez. I famished now.
    I would love to get these as a gift.