Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Create our newest Advent Calendar!


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It's about that time when we need to start thinking about the upcoming holidays - they're not as far away as you think!  So, we’ve taken a past project – the Advent Calendar and refreshed it for 2016. Since you’ll need to have the calendar ready to go for December 1st, now is the time to start!!

This year's version is similar to previous years with just a few little tweaks. All the supplies we used (the gift boxes, labels, ribbon, giftwrap and double-sided tape) are available at Essential Packaging (in-store only).

First choose which way you'd like your boxes to open - I happened to chose that mine would have the "doors" open down.  A customer suggested she would prefer to create this with her boxes on their sides so her doors would open just like an actual door, from left to right - good idea!  Our 3”x 3” x 3” giftboxes are the ideal size for any little treasures you may want to give.

To re-create our newest version of the Advent Calendar you’ll need 25 of our 3" x 3" x 3" black giftware boxes and 25 of our Reindeer Labels.  Attach the labels to the lids of the boxes and number them from 1 to 25 (ensuring the labels are all placed properly so the “doors” open the way you’d like).

Assemble the boxes in five rows of five boxes and attached them together with Sookwang tape.  Take a length of giftwrap and fold it into a band and wrap it around the outside edge of the entire Advent Calendar.  Add a bow out of coordinating ribbon to the top.


The advent calendar was fun, quick and easy to make – my son, Matthew looks forward to this treat every year and has really enjoyed opening up his advent calendars over the years.
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