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Tissue Paper Sunflowers - An Easy DIY Project!


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make your own tissue paper sunflowers?

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Take a look at our newest tissue sunflower tutorial on our new blog, A Beautifully Wrapped Life!!

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Most importantly, you need tissue paper!
For our sample, we chose some good autumn colours such as
gold and orange for the petals and brown for the centers.

Prepping Your Pieces

Select the tissue paper you would like to use for your sunflower petals.
We traced and cut through several layers at once to make this step go a little quicker
(we used 10 sheets folded in half to make 20 layers that we then cut through)

Now, download and print the petal templates (here) that we've created for you.
We've made a small and large petal for you so you can make different sized sunflowers.
Cut out the templates and arrange them on your tissue paper sheets.

Then, cut out all your sunflower petals. Yes, cut LOTS!!
You'll need quite a few petals for each sunflower.

With the brown tissue paper, using 2 sheets, cut your sheets in half.

Take one half of the sheet in your hand and start tucking the edges of the sheet underneath,
while forming a round circle. Remember, it doesn't have to be an exact circle. The photo on
the left is the under side of the formed center while the photo on the right is the smooth top
of the sunflower center.

Assembling Your Sunflower

Flip your brown center so the underside is facing up at you. Take a petal, give it a
little pleat lengthways down the center and attach the end to the brown center using hot
glue or tape (we used double sided tape for our sample) Continue adding
petals all the way around the brown center, overlapping them as you go.
We added between 12-15 petals per sunflower.

Once you've finished adding all your petals, cut a small piece of paper or cardstock
that you can glue to the back to hold it all together. This way, you can tape or
glue your sunflowers more easily and they won't come apart.

Ta-da, you've completed your first  tissue paper sunflower!!
We hope this tutorial has inspired you to make a whole bunch more!!

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  1. Beautiful, this sunflower packaging is so easy and cost-effective. Thanks for sharing this great idea with us. Keep sharing.