Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wedding Favours - Coloured Paper Bags

Another segment we did this month in the February newsletter was the Birthday Idea, using our new coloured paper bags (available in pink or blue).

To dress up these bags and make them wedding-worthy favours, we added a touch of elegance with some patterned paper from our Envelopments collection.

We cut a narrow strip of the patterned paper; you can make this strip any width you choose. We embellished the front of the bag with one of our Invites A La Carte square seals, custom printed with the names and date, along with an accent of ribbon in a co-ordinating colour.

Here's a view of the back of the bag - we made the strip of patterned paper just long enough so we could have it go over the top of the bag and down the back a bit. We used the Sook Wang super sticky tape (sold at The Essential Packaging Store) to attach all of the paper to the bag.

Each favour bag looks amazing on it's own but we add them all together, they make quite an impact. Remember, you can use any variation of colours/patterns to make these favour bags truly your own!

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  1. That’d be adorable for wedding souvenir packaging! :) It’s simple yet sophisticated, and it will certainly render your souvenirs more memorable!