Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Bow Tutorial - Sheer Ribbon

Hi again! In the February newsletter, we did a segment on "Last Minute Valentine Idea" that included our super easy Cheater Bow. Well, here is the tutorial on how to tie our famous Cheater Bow-

To make this bow, we used about 16" of our 7/8" wide Sheer Asiana ribbon, 10" of the silver tinsel cord and a light pink boa bow.

Form the ribbon into a loop that resembles the Breast Cancer ribbons. Then bring the loop down until it touches the centre where the ribbon crosses itself. Place the tinsel cord vertically down the middle of your bow.

Take the ends of the tinsel cord and tie a loose knot. As you begin to tighten up your tinsel cord knot the centre of your sheer ribbon bow will also begin to gather. Be sure to make a double knot with the tinsel cord to secure the bow. Once you've finished the tinsel cord knot you may need to adjust the sheer ribbon so that the bow lays properly.

Then I trimmed the ends of the bow tails on an angle to give the bow a nice finish.

Lastly, add the boa bow to the centre of the sheer bow. You've made your Cheater Bow (and isn't it lovely?)

Ok, you're not totally done - you have to tie it onto the Valentine cello bags (with the yummy Rice Krispie hearts in them!!)

The hot pink and lavender bows on either side of the middle one are in fact the same Cheater Bow, just in a narrower width of sheer ribbon.

Hope you enjoyed that tutorial and are now ready to make your Rice Krispie Valentine treats!

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