Friday, November 20, 2009

New Stuff - Cupcake Inserts!


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Hey everyone!
Have you noticed how HUGE the cupcake craze is? If you haven't then you must be hiding under a rock 'cause it's CRAZY! If you're planning on whipping some this holiday season then you may want to check out our newest packaging options for cupcakes-

The Essential Packaging Store now carries a selection of cupcake inserts - pictured above - that can fit into our regular giftware and bakery boxes.

The single cupcake insert fits perfectly into our regular 4" x 4" x 4" giftbox, which is available in white, natural, red, silver or brown.

Just place the insert into the box and viola! your cupcakes have a perfect little presentation box!

Here's a sample of our 12 mini cupcakes insert that fit into our 10" x 10" x 5" cake / bakery box.

The same size bakery box will also accommodate the 6 regular cupcakes insert.

The 12 regular cupcakes insert and 24 mini cupcakes insert both fit into our 10" x 14" x 4" bakery box.
These cupcake inserts and bakery boxes make transportation a breeze and presentation just perfect!

Happy cupcake making!!

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