Friday, November 13, 2009

Hi this is Cathy ...
"I have compiled a list of gift wrapping supplies
to help get us all organized for the Christmas season.
Remember presentation is everything.
A simple box with a bright ribbon makes a great impression.
It's the small thoughtful things we do that create beautiful memories.
Have fun with your holiday gift wrapping.
Come in a visit us real soon!"

List of Holiday Gift Wrapping Materials
Putting together a gift wrapping area can save you
lots of time when working on holiday gifts.
Items marked with an * you can purchase
at the Essential Packaging Store

Scissors *
Clear scotch tape * Tape Runner *
Ruler and Tape Measure
Hole Punch *
Gel Pens * (gold, silver, white, black, brown)

Rolls of Gift Wrap *
Cello Bags *
Tissue Paper *
Gift Bags *
Gift Packaging:
Assorted boxes for large & small gifts *
Jewellery boxes*
Boxes for cookies, cupcakes, pies, truffles *
Parchment paper for lining baked goods*
Gift card envelopes & boxes *
Organza bags *
Cone Bags for snowman soup*

Cards & Tags:
Gift Tags*
Snowflake Stickers*
Card Stock to Make Cards/Tags*

Wraphia *
Satin & Sheer Ribbon

Natural twine *
Curling Ribbon *
Gold & Silver Stretch loops*
Tinsel cord*, Boa Bows*
Satin Stretch Loops

Embellishments* Christmas ornaments*
Gift Basket Material:
Basket Shred* Gift Basket trays & boxes*
Cello Rolls* clear & patterned for Baskets

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  1. You can even decoupage an old cigar box with photos or memorabilia and create a gift box, that is a gift to you.