Tuesday, March 1, 2016

3 Surprisingly Easy Easter Projects You Can Make!! (Project #2 The Bunny Wrapper)


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With Easter just around the corner, now's a great time to get started on some projects!
We've put together 3 surprisingly easy projects that won't take you long to make. 
You can even recruit some "little hands" to help you!

Project #1 - The BunnyWrapper

The Bunny Wrapper is another really easy Easter project! All you need is a plain natural paper grocery bag (we used a 2lb.size) and of course an apple (or an orange!) With so many children having allergies (and many parents trying to reduce their children's sugar intake), this "healthy treat" is a great alternative.

Lay your bag flat on your table and using a sharp pair of scissors, trim off the sides of the bag.
Then, trim the top of your bag to look like ears, as in the photo above.

Now place your apple in the middle of the bag. Gather the 2 sides up and using a length 
of ribbon, tie a bow just below the ears to secure the bag. That's it! Pretty easy and really 
won't take long to do, even with "little hands" helping you!

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Hopefully we've inspired you to give this Easter project a try! Looking for more ideas?
Take a look at Projects #1 The Bunny Bag and #3 The Glam Bunnies!!

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