Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Paper Bag Easter Baskets!


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Welcome everyone and Happy Easter!! To get ready for the big day, we created this quick and easy project that even the kids can help you with - paper bag Easter baskets!

These Easter baskets can be made from any size paper grocery bag, in either white, natural or color. This white bag is a 4 lb. size (5" wide x 3 1/8" side gusset x 9 3/4" tall). We used grosgrain ribbon to decorate the handle, some green sheer Asiana ribbon for the bow and a white fluffy boa bow for the center.

The natural bag in this photo is a 2 lb. size (4" wide x 2 1/2" side gusset x 8 1/4" tall). To decorate the handle we added a satin ribbon

Here are 2 more samples, without any extra ribbons, that can be left plain or can even be painted on. The smaller natural bag in this photo is a 1/2 lb. size (3" wide x 1 3/4" side gusset x 5 1/8" tall) and the larger one is the 2lb. size.

To start making your paper bag Easter baskets, cut off a portion of the top of the bag; how much you trim off is up to you as this trimmed piece will become the handle. Also, the more you cut off the smaller your bag will be (translation: less goodies will fit into a smaller bag!!) For the bag on the right, we used scalloped scissors to make a fancy handle.

Cut open one side of the paper handle and lay it out flat.

Fold over one length of the paper handle, then the other length; this will strengthen your handle and give it a nicer edge. You can glue or tape the flap down.

The bottom handle in the photo will be what the underside of the handle will look like. The top handle is what it will look like from the outside when you attach it to your basket.

Attach either end of the paper handle to the inside gussets of the paper bag. You can adjust the length of the handle by attaching it lower or higher up in the bag. Use glue or double sided tape to attach the handle.

And viola! You now have a paper bag Easter basket ready for decoration, filling and enjoying!!

We hope enjoyed this fun project and will try it out for Easter!

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