Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Tissue Paper Poinsettia Flowers!


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Hello friends! It's time again for another seasonal project and since we all love the versatility of tissue paper, we decided to do a festive variation of our tissue paper flowers- the poinsettia! This super easy project is quick to do and can really dress up your holiday gifts. The size of the flower we made is quite ideal for most boxes but you can easily adjust the size bigger or smaller to suit your needs.

We used red, burgundy and green tissue paper for the poinsettias.

Cut your tissue paper into 7" x 10" pieces; for our sample, we stacked 4 sheets of red (for the flower) and 1 sheet of green (for the leaves).

Accordian fold the pieces of paper, making 1/2" folds; tie the middle of the folded tissue with a length of tinsel cord.

Trim the ends of the folded tissue paper by cutting the ends into points.

Gently pull all the tissue layers apart to form the poinsettia flower.

Now use a small piece of gold tissue paper (about 5" x 5" square) to make the berries for the center of the poinsettia; gently roll them in your hands to form a ball.

We made 3 balls per flower; this also helps to hide the center seam of the flower. Attach the gold balls to the middle of the poisettia using hot glue or double sided tape.

Ta-da... the finished poinsettia flower is ready to top off your gifts! The flower in this sample is attached to the lid so that your recipient can easily remove the lid without damaging the wrapping.

Here are a couple of samples where you can use the tissue poinsettia flowers in your holiday gift wrapping - they're beautiful on just a single box but even more spectacular when placed on a stack of gift boxes. You can also make the poinsettias much smaller so they could go on a small favor or jewellery box.

We hope you've enjoyed our latest project!
Thanks and we'll see you again soon!