Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Clear Cellophane Cone Bags - Iced Tea Tutorial!


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A great new project we featured in our May newsletter - a fresh take on our cone shaped cellophane bags! These clear cone shaped bags are still one of our most popular items in the Store because they're just so versatile. This super easy project (that even kids can do) is perfect for Dads, Grandparents, teachers' and even as party favours.

All you need for supplies are two cone shaped cellophane bags, iced tea mix, one lemon, tinsel cord and some decorative ribbon.

Fill the first cone shaped cellophane bag with the iced tea mix (approximately 1 cup of mix per bag).

Tie the end of the clear cellophane bag securely with a small length of the tinsel cord. Place the filled cone shaped cellophane bag inside the second bag.

Place the lemon inside the second bag, sitting on top of the filled cone shaped cellophane bag. Tie the clear cellophane bag securely with another length of the tinsel cord just above the lemon.

Just embellish the front of your clear cellophane bag with co-ordinating ribbon and you're done! It's quick, easy and inexpensive to make plus, the kids can help you make them!

Now, we just need some sun to come out so we can actually enjoy some iced tea!!

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