Friday, July 23, 2010

Gift Wrapping With Cellophane!


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Hello all! Hope everyone is enjoying the nice weather we've been having lately.

At the Store, we've been playing around with some alternative gift wrapping ideas. Many times, customers will purchase a bulk roll of cellophane wrap, thinking of it as just for wrapping up gift baskets. But have you ever thought of cellophane wrap as giftwrap?

Here is a photo of a giftwrapped garment (or clothing) box using cellophane basket wrap for the lid. What a quick and fabulous way to dress up a boring box and to use up some of your patterned cellophane wrap!

Simply cut the cello basket wrap to be larger than the lid of your box. Measure it so that you have enough to fold under and tape to the inside of the lid. Trim off any excess cello wrap and tape securely to the box lid.

Make sure that your corners look nice (remember your hospital corners!). Add a co-ordinating bow to the lid and you're done! The box can also be opened without damaging the beautiful gift wrapping.

Here is another version but this time we've added a sheet of colored tissue paper under the patterned cellophane wrap - this adds some variety to the gift wrapping by making the lid of the box appear to be a different colour than the bottom of the box.

The damask pattern shown here has been one of our most popular patterns because it's so classic and elegant. Remember, changing the tissue paper colour allows you to extend your patterned cello to suit any occasion. For example, change the tissue paper to a light pink or blue colour and it would ideal for a baby gift.

So, the next time you need to wrap up a gift, think of using your patterned cellophane wrap for something a little different!