Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wedding Wednesdays - Tissue Paper Flowers


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Tissue paper flowers are just so easy to make that they're a perfect decoration for any gift or event. With tissue paper available in so many colours, it's easy to match to any decor or theme.

Below are the simple steps to creating these beautiful blooms-

To start, you will need tissue paper sheets that you cut into a rectangle of any desired size. Use a full sheet for very large flowers (for reception decor) or 1/8 of a sheet for small flowers (to be used on favour boxes). Stack 6-8 pieces of tissue. Add more layers for fuller flowers.

Then, accordion fold your tissue paper sheet working from the long sides. Use a ruler or bone folder to crease the folds.

Cinch your folded tissue paper sheet in the centre using a length of tinsel cord to tie.

You can either chose to leave the ends as they are or you can cut them rounded or pointed for some variation.

Now, gently pull each piece of tissue paper towards the top centre of the flower to create the bloom. Fluff up the finished flower.

Attach your finished flowers onto your gift box, as we did below.

Other projects you can do with your tissue flowers-
Glue a mini flower to a pin for a lapel decoration or string smaller flowers along some ribbon to make a garland. Also, try dipping the edges of the tissue paper in white glue and then into loose glitter to create shimmering flowers for a more glamorous event.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wedding Wednesdays - Cello Bag Favours

Hello and welcome to our newest feature, Wedding Wednesdays!
Every week we will have some wedding tidbit that we hope will enhance your special day.

This week, we thought we would take a look at cello bags - those wonderfully versatile and inexpensive little bags that we sometimes overlook as being "too simple".

With so many different patterns available, it's easy to find a cello bag that suits your wedding theme.

You can even choose from seasonal patterns if your wedding happens to be near a time such as Valentines'.

To create these elegant favours, simply place your favour item (either boxed or loose) into the cello bag and tie at the top with co-ordinating ribbons. It's that easy!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Carrot Cone Bags


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One of the most asked about products in our Store is the cello cone bag! And at this time of year, our cone bags make perfect “carrots” for Easter gift giving. They're easy to make, look great and everyone loves to get one, especially the kids!

First, fill your cone bag with treats (we like to use orange coloured jelly beans).
Secondly, you will need 4 sheets of tissue paper, stacked (in 2 different shades of green), cut into 5” x 5” squares. Make ½” strip cuts at one end making sure to leave about ½” from the other end still attached.
Finally, roll the tissue and tuck into the top of the cone bag so that the “leaves” stick out the top of the bag. Tie with wraphia to keep the contents and the tissue in the bag.
Enjoy! Anna