Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Wrap Up Those Gift Baskets!


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Hello and Season's Greetings!
Yup, that Christmas season is definitely upon us! Here at Essential Packaging that means a steady flow of customers wanting to create fabulous gift baskets. Today I had a customer who needed to get some wrapping for a Family Fun gift basket that she'd created. I asked her if we could do a blog post on it so other customers could see!

I loved her idea - the basket was filled with board games, cards and snacks! We added some red basket shred in the bottom for cushioning and color. Now came the fun part of finding the best way to wrap it up!

Because the basket was so big, it didn't fit into our largest 26" x 40" clear cello basket bag. And, because the basket was also quite wide, our widest 40" cello wrap on a roll also didn't fit. Argh!! So, what did we do? Well, when all else fails, you use 2 lengths of cell wrap, from the roll, and you place them side by side to make it wider! This will work for most large baskets. It will help to have an extra pair of hands for this!!! This is what the basket looked like after we gathered it all up.

Now that all the cello wrap was gathered up, we trimmed the top so it wouldn't look so floppy. Please remember to do this step!! It makes your baskets look so much better!!

Then all we had to do was add the ribbon bow, that we made out of satin and sheer ribbons. Voila!! The customer loved the finished product! So, this holiday season, try your hand at making a beautiful and creative gift basket for someone special on your list!

See you soon!

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