Thursday, September 2, 2010

Tissue Paper Pumpkins!


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I love these cute tissue paper pumpkins! Every year, I make these easy tissue pumpkins to decorate my home for Fall. Last year, I made smaller versions, filled with jelly beans, as table favours for our Thanksgiving dinner. Follow our steps below to make the small favour sized pumpkins. To make the larger ones for decorating, just increase the size of the tissue paper circles.

To make your tissue paper pumpkins, you will need sheets of orange, yellow or even green tissue paper, colored basket shred or basket filler to match the tissue paper, florist's tape, a pencil, scissors and a round cake pan. Don't forget the yummy treats that will be going inside the pumpkin!

Layer 5 sheets of tissue paper. Place the round cake pan upside down in the center of the tissue paper and using your pencil, trace a circle around the cake pan.

Cut through all the sheets of tissue paper along the pencil line.

Use 2 sheets of tissue paper for each pumpkin; 1 sheet is too thin but 3 or more sheets becomes too thick. Place a small amount of basket shred (or shredded paper) in the center of the tissue circle. Arrange your treats on top of the basket filler; use enough treats and basket shred to make a full, plump pumpkin.

Gently gather the tissue paper up around the candy starting at one end. Make small pleats in the tissue paper as you go around the circle.

Once you have gathered up all the pleated tissue paper, twist the "stem" top to make a point. This will make it easier to do the next step.

Starting at the base of the "stem", twirl the green floral tape, winding it up the top of the "stem". Ensure that the tape is wound tightly along the "stem". You may add a silk or real leaf to your pumpkin, if desired.

Curl the end of the vine around a pen to make a spiral twist, just like a real pumpkin vine.

And that is how you make tissue paper pumpkins! Once you've made one and see how easy they are, you'll be making a whole pumpkin patch in no time! Have fun!

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