Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wedding Wednesdays - Just a bit more bling!

When you work in a place like The Essential Packaging Store, you can't help but go "a bit" overboard when the newest, coolest, latest thing comes in - in my case, it's the bling! Now, I've always liked sparkly baubles (just ask my husband!!!) but I'm really liking these new blings because you can use them on so many different things-

The above is a beautiful example of how to add a little sparkle to your boutonnieres - wrap the stem with a satin ribbon then add a small ribbon slide by gluing it to the top of the stem wrap.

This is our newest piece of bling - it's the bouquet cuff! So gorgeous on a hand held bouquet. For this example, the stems were wrapped in satin ribbon and then the cuff was just slipped on over top of the ribbon.

Our large rectangle ribbon slide works beautifully on a jewellery box (for attendant gifts) or on a keepsake box for the bride. Rich purple has emerged as the "it" colour of the season.

This sweet heart shaped ribbon slide is just perfect on a jewellery or favour box. On this sample, we added a custom printed label with the couple's names and date - an elegant finishing touch!

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