Friday, April 9, 2010

Yippee, It Worked!!

I don't know how (and I wouldn't understand even if he did explain it!) but my computer guru always manages to fix the problem! A few clicks and we're back in business...

As I mentioned in my previous blog post, the new Envelopments patterns and colours are now here and to say we're just a bit excited would be a gross understatement. Here's a little taste-

This is the new Envelopments patterned swatch deck - can you say "YUMMY"?!?! All the patterns are very current and fresh, ranging from modern to tradional styles. I had to show some of my favourites (it was hard to pick just a few...!!)-

This the Plumes pattern that has been one of our most popular Envelopments patterns, now available in this rich new purple shade and the elegant black/white combination below.

Below is the new Bloom pattern - I really loved the fun green since it could be used for any occasion. The black/white Bloom pattern is so versatile as well; you can match it up with any solid coloured cardstock.

This next one is my absolute favourite - Brocade! This pattern is so trendy right now and this version from Envelopments is perfect!! I'm not usually a big fan of turquoise but I couldn't stop looking at this one - love it!

Our Store Manager, Antonella, really loves the classic simplicity of the Swiss Dots pattern. This pattern would be fabulous matched up with a bold solid - yum!

The Kaleidoscope pattern has also been a favourite among our customers so I was happy to see it available in some fresh new colours, like this bold shade called Tangelo.

Of course, Envelopments didn't disappoint with the truly mouthwatering new shades of solid coloured cardstock!! I'm not sure where I'm going to fit all these new colours and patterns in the Store...!

I love how these 3 colours look so good together - I just need an excuse to make some cards using this combination!

I can't say I'm big on bright pink either but when I saw the new Fashionista colour (great name, too!) I swooned!! Looks amazing with the delicious Jester purple.

Well, I hope you've enjoyed this little preview of the new Envelopments colours and patterns - stock should start arriving in the next couple of weeks but we do have the swatch decks at the Store for you to look through if you can't wait!!!

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