Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Envelopments - new colours and patterns, oh my!!

We can't believe it but they're FINALLY here - the new Envelopments colours and patterns!!!!! We've been waiting, for what feels like eternity, to see the new patterns and colours and honestly, it's been worth the wait!! The new Envelopments colours are AMAZING, rich and yummy tones that are on the cutting edge of what's hot right now. And the patterns are TO DIE FOR!!! The fabulous new Brocade pattern is beyond delicious - I'm itching for a reason to buy some for myself...!!

We got the new Envelopments swatch decks in today so if you're dying to see the latest colours and patterns, come on down to the Store and have a look in person. Or, you can click here to see the Envelopments samples online on our updated website. The actual paper stock will be arriving at the Store in the next couple of weeks.

Check back tomorrow when I'll have some photos of the new favour boxes from Envelopments - super exciting!!!

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