Monday, November 2, 2009

Cheryl's Staff Pick

Hello everyone

It has been a while but here we are again with another installment of the Essential Packaging Store "Staff Pick" and I have been the lucky one chosen to go first so here it goes....

What is colourful, fun, unique, stands on it's own, goes great as table decor for many occasions, and is now available at The Essential Packaging Store? Why it's a napkin....ThemeNaps that is.

ThemeNaps are made with eco-friendly 100% recycled tissue paper and printed with food grade inks. They were designed to stand up so they make an impact on your table decor. Best of all they come in a variety of designs. We have started with a selection of Christmas patterns but will be adding more patterns as each season approaches. It is by far my favourite "new" item in the store right now. Why not come in see them for yourself.

ThemeNaps.....they're a good thing
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