Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Gobble, gobble - Part 2!

Here's another quick and easy Thanksgiving packaging idea, this time for wrapping up a bottle as a host/hostess gift-To wrap your wine bottle, you'l need some cello basket wrap, coloured tissue paper and ribbon. In this example we used our fall patterned cello wrap (same one we used for the samples in our previous post), sage green tissue paper and some chocolate brown grosgrain ribbon.

Place your piece of cello basket wrap down first; how large of a piece you need will depend on how big your bootle is. We used a small bottle of bar-b-que sauce for our example so we only needed a piece of cell wrap that was about 40" wide by 24" long. We then centered one sheet of tissue paper on top of the cello wrap.

Carefully gather up the cello and tissue so that it comes together at the neck of the bottle. With one hand holding the tissue and cello with the bottle, use your other hand to slip the ribbon around the neck of the bottle (you may need to borrow an extra pair of hands for this part!) Tie your ribbon in a simple shoelace bow and you're all set!

Use this same techinique for other seasons or occasions by just changing the cello wrap pattern and tissue colour. We'll have more Christmas samples on future blog posts.

Talk to you again soon!

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