Saturday, September 12, 2009

Countdown to the CCMA's!

Well, all the "fluffing" is finally done and it looks AMAZING! The Luxury Wrapping Station is all set up and ready for all the celebs that will be coming through tomorrow!

Here's a photo of me with my Lounge Access pass - not the best photo ever but I'm too tired to really care right now!! Plus I'm super excited about tomorrow (have I mentioned that already?)

I've also taken a few photos of our wrapping station...

We have this fabulous work area located right by the entrance!

For this event, we created three different wrapping themes for the celebrities to choose from for their custom wrapped gifts-

This is the "Uptown Mod" wrapping selection - very bright and bold ...

..." Wild About Eco" is fun yet environmentally conscious ...

... and the CCMA Signature Wrap in gold, black and burgandy.

We'll definitely have many more photos tomorrow from the event itself. We're hoping to have a few celebs in them as well...!

Till tomorrow!

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