Monday, June 8, 2009

Cathy's Staff Pick of the week is........

Feather Boa Bows
Have you ever seen such a cute fuzzy feather bow?There is a 2" self stick tab on the back that makes itso easy to attach to bags & boxes.

They come in light pink, lavender, purple, turquoise, red, lime green, emerald, teal, orange, black, hot pink & daffodil.Stick two or more together to make a larger bow for more impact.

They also come on a 10" elastic loop. You can slip them onto a box for agreat looking gift. I love these feather boa bows. I stock up on them at home so I can easily add something fluffy to those special gifts.


  1. Oh these are so fun. I drove right by your store on Sunday but didn't stop by because I had my (groan)husband with me. Husbands are no fun in these kinds of stores. You should have built next to Home Depot.

  2. Makes my inner vamp come out. Love these, and were is the va va va voom music?