Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Antonella's "Staff Pick" is...

gift wrap!

Who doesn't love tearing off the giftwrap to reveal 'the gift'.

Soooo much more fun than tossing 'the gift' into a gift bag.

I love giving gifts that are wrapped, ribboned and tagged! I always put a lot of thought into them so I want them to look fabulous on the outside too. Our premium quality giftwrap can be easily matched to one (or two if you like) of our beautiful ribbons.

Obviously I have a bit of an advantage working at Essential Packaging.

We have over 40 styles of giftwrap to choose from!

There are solids, patterns, metallics and seasonal giftwrap available in 85' bulk rolls and smaller consumer rolls, (3 yard cuts because we know you can't leave with just one). We also have giftwrap that is 100% recycled.

So the next time you give... give fabulously!

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  1. I love the combination of that shade of blue and shiny chocolate.