Thursday, May 14, 2009

Spring Gift Wrapping!

Hello! Instead of doing a Wedding Wednesday this week, I decided to do a spring gift wrapping instead! These beautiful butterflies are so "spring" that I couldn't resist doing a project with them.

In these examples, we used white handmade paper and the Envelopments pearl paper to make bands that we then wrapped around our white boxes. You can use any combination of papers and cut them to any width you desire.

Here is a closeup of the butterflies that we attached to the paper bands. These butterfly accents
are part of our Invites A La Carte program and can be purchased separately, in any Envelopments paper you chose.

This jewellery box was decorated in a similar way but we placed the bands off to the left side of the box.

When adding a cluster of accents it looks better to have some variety. In the case of butterflies, some are single layers, some have two or even three layers and some are different sizes as well.

Finally, here's a white giftbox that we did up using the same Envelopments paper and butterfly accents.

For this sample, we added some single face satin ribbon and a tag to create a memorable favour box for a wedding or other event. For your paper and ribbon, you can use any colour combination to co-ordinate with your decor or theme.

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