Sunday, May 10, 2009

Giftwrapping Ideas!

Hello! We've received our latest shipment of new giftwrap rolls and there are some fabulous patterns and colours! Below are some photos I took last week showing some other ideas you can do with your giftwrap. We tend to do the usual "cover the whole box with the giftwrap" and that's it. But try something different next time you need to wrap a gift...

In these 2 samples, we used small strips of giftwrap (great way to use up leftovers!) in any width you desire, to "band" around coloured giftware or pillow boxes.

We then added a length of ribbon to finish it off - looks great and it's quick too!

Another wrapping idea is to wrap just the lid with your giftwrap and leave the base plain. These white gift boxes have removable lids so by wrapping just the lid, it makes for an elegant presentation.Of course if you're feeling a bit adventurous, you can wrap the bottom as well in a co-ordinating pattern! Either way, have some fun trying something different with your wrapping paper!

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