Sunday, March 1, 2009

Tissue Hearts Box Project

*Note: Recently featured in our February newsletter, this has been one of our most popular projects! We decided to run it again (even though it's after Valentines') because it's easy to change to any other holiday or occasion- try shamrock for St. Patrick's Day, egg shape for Easter or daisies for Mother's Day.

Though not exactly a brand new craft project (many of you may have done this one in grade school!) we’ve given it a fresh spin by making the tissue hearts on giftbox lids. This project is relatively easy, even for small children or the crafting-challenged and is a great way to dress up a plain giftbox.

1. Download and cut out the heart template (link at bottom)

2. Trace the heart shape onto the lid of your desired box (use a pencil for tracing)

3. Cut 1 ½” squares of tissue paper (we used light pink, hot pink and red)

4. Run a bead of glue along the heart outline

5. Wrap a pre-cut square of tissue on the end of your pen / pencil place the tissue along the glue on the box lid

6. Repeat until you have tissue all along the heart outline (you may wish to fill in the heart outline with more tissue)

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