Saturday, March 28, 2009

Invitation tutorial - By Cheryl

Hi everyone
Welcome to my first blog post. Anna has wanted us to jump in posting on our new blog so I thought I would share an invitation that I made recently using our Envelopment's line of paper here it goes. You can click on the pictures to see them bigger.

The first picture shows the Envelopments products & Ribbon I used for my invitation. I chose a 4 x 5 pocket fold in Watercress. Then I chose my layer colours starting with my print layer... a metallic cream paper called Diamond. For a border and to add a "pop" to my print layer I chose a textured metallic card stock called Pout, & for the 3rd layer I thought a pattern was needed for interest so I chose Diamond Mehndi. I chose 1/8" single face satin ribbon in spring moss for detail.

The next step was to figure out the size of each layer & how many cuts I would get out of each of the 8 .5 x 11 sheets. I then calculated how many sheets I would need to make 70 invitations.

Next I designed the print layer & printed on the metallic Diamond paper. I cut out the print layer as well as the other 2 layers (Pout & Diamond Mehndi).

I then glued all 3 layers together. (Hint: I like to use a paper glue like Zip dry so you can still move the layers when lining them up. If you use tape it is usually an instant bond). Although it is not in this picture, I tied the ribbon around the 3 layers and secured it in a slip knot.

I then designed & printed the RSVP. I also matted the RSVP layer with Pout card stock to add a bit more colour.

For the final step I glued the 3 layers with ribbon attached, to the pocket fold and inserted the RSVP in the pocket.

If I had one word of advice when making invitations it would be to always buy and make extra just in case you make any mistakes and for additional guest added to the list. It will save a lot of aggravation if you have extra.

There you go...thanks for reading my first post. I am sure there will be many more to come



  1. Cheryl, this makes me want to throw a party just to make invites. Good job on your first post.

  2. Great instructions Cheryl. Gives us a good intro and basic understanding to making
    and designing our own invites. Nice pics too.
    The invites look very professional (and are
    a fraction of the cost).

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  4. Cheryl, very nice invitation. I love your choice of colours. That is very good advice about making a few extra.

  5. The instructions were very good. The colours wonderful. It's exciting to see what can be done with paper and creativity ..Lori S

  6. Well done, Cheryl.The card is awesome and the thought process is not unlike the cards you have designed in the past.Keep the creative mind going.


  7. Perfect- just want I wanted to show a Bride. Now she can see its so easy but I guess when I went step by step sounded like so much work. Pictures are great. This type is so easy to personalize, plus pockets can hold maps, hotel info for out of towners etc.
    I use corner punches to corners though

  8. Beautiful and inspiring. Keep up the great work!