Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Coming soon ... blog candy!

We wanted to send out a big "thanks" to everyone who has come to visit our new blog! Remember to visit us often as you never know what new things are going to be popping up, like blog candy! Yes, we'll be throwing our first batch of "candy" soon (hint: this week!) so check back ...


  1. I plan to go to the Cloverdale archives this Friday so I really hope to get into your store that day too. It has been far too long.

  2. What a Great Idea. Constantly sending clients to the store. I just love going in every time something new. Everytime I finish a clients home we always have a thank-you gift ALWAYS Clients ask "where did you find paper, bag, box?"
    Weddings we do- Brides know before hand since it is on list of favorite places on Pd & contract.
    So they will love this. I am just surprised it took this long with all the Creative people at the store.